A slight odor of Satan

As usual it was out of the blue that "things" started to add up. Again, I had decided that I was going to try and live my life for Jesus Christ and this time I decided that I wasn't going to be so easy to allow myself to be sidetracked. In the past there was always some temptation that has beat me out of my convictions. I was beginning to have little to no confidence in my own character.

The single fact that God does not rule the world, but rather the world is ruled by Satan was the most important thing I forgot. When I finally got this through my thick head and started to look at the world in this light (or more to the point, in this dark) a zillion things seemed to rush into my mind at once. Of course! It came back to me. All of a sudden there was the part of a sermon that I used to give that said "Energy takes the path of least resistance. Human behavior is a form of energy ( thought = mental energy) and it will also take the path of least resistance. Albert Einstein said that "God is the total sum of all the physical laws in the universe. The physical laws of the universe will all ways be consistent and never vary. What varies is our understanding of those laws. In my mind this equates to the fact that God never varies.

One other thing that I would like to preface all this with is that fifty years ago the biggest part of the populace would never dream that we would have the technology that we have today. If the folks back then would have been able to witness the technology that we have today the biggest part of them would've said that it was some sort of magic or sorcery. Well as you and I both know, the technology that we do witness today is built around physical laws = Gods laws, that we've come to know and understand.

This however does by no means excuse the fact that we still have an untold amount of volumes to be filled about the understanding of all of the physical laws. In the past 50 years of my life there has been so much that I have had the good and bad fortune to experience that at the time seemed like some sort of surreal trip into the paranormal. I would like to share with you one of my many battles in this world war, our third world war, of good and evil. The Omega War.

( I have an online newspaper, The Omegawar Lowdown )

Sometime ago, in the neighborhood of three or four years back, I started getting disturbing phone calls and later visits from a friend of mine, I'll refer to him as Gan.
Gan was telling me about how he was hearing voices and that the voices would tell him many things. Some of the voices would warn him as to what the people that were around Gan were thinking and other voices would tell Gan what was in store for the near future.
Gan begin immediately to think that he was loosing his mind. However the voices, Gan soon learned were correct and then he started to get even more worried as the voices were now telling him that there was something extremely evil coming after him and his son, Regan who was five years old at the time. The voices also warned Gan that his parents and his older sister as well as his wife were not to be trusted as they were already possessed by this evil entity. in the case of Gan's parents, they have been possessed all of Gan's life

Gan shared with me some of the truly horrible memories that were coming back to him from his childhood, things that had been buried from so long ago and so painful that it was obvious that there had been an auto protection mechanism at work in Gan's mind.

Still not absolutely convinced that Gan was on the level with me I would just sit patiently and let him talk it out. To be quit honest I did at first think that Gan was in bad shape mentally and emotionally. Then one sunny afternoon as Gan was talking to me from the other side of my coffee table in my living room I saw it! There was something around Gan, he was glowing! Some might call it an aura but it was more like the streams from a plasma lamp. I realized then that Gan was one of us. He was one of the few that were here to fight the Omega war. I started to listen to Gan with a new ear and what I took before as crazy ramblings now made perfect sense. I could see what Gan had been saying was the solemn truth. I don't know how I knew it was the truth I just knew. From there Gan and I would strategize on how he was to defend Regan and himself from the attacks that came from the people that up until now had been so close to him. People that he trusted with all his heart, soul, and mind.

Then my troubles started, Gan went home one day from one of our strategy meetings and made a comment to his wife about where he had been and what we had talked about. His wife then stated that I would soon learn the wrath of the dark side and I best be watching out for my own self.

The devil appears as an angel of light:

Soon after, I was informed that a friend of mines mother needed blood and was asked if I would contribute. I had decided to give a pint or two of blood to my friends mom.
In a couple of weeks after the blood donation I was notified that I had contracted a blood and liver disease and that I needed to go to my regular doctor and get this confirmed. So I did, and it was confirmed that I did indeed have the disease.

I told my significant other of four years what the doctor had said and two days later she walked out of my life. This was really strange in the fact that she had come to me through a prayer and I believed with all my heart that she was an angel that was sent especially for me. (That is another story that I will tell at another time. A few days before Gan had told me this would happen. The voices had warned him.

Three weeks later, and after many conversations with Gan, comparing similarities in the events that would happen to us in each of our own respective environments a most peculiar incident happened. It was about 2:15 A.M. and my dog Ginger wanted to outside to take a whiz. As usual I get up and throw on some clothes and out the door we go to the back yard from the front door and around the house. There happened to be a bright beautiful moon out that night and I decided to take Ginger a little further up the ally. A little further than we usually go. While I was standing there switching my gaze back and forth from Ginger to the moon, Ginger came hurriedly over to my left side and with her shoulder right next to and touching my left knee she started to growl at something then almost immediately she started to backup and while circling me as if to be watching something surrounding us. The hair on my neck was standing up and I was overwhelmed by that feeling of having to fight for survival. I remember the odor. The only way I can describe it is, that it was a slight odor of Satan. Nasty and repulsive. Like the smell of death, but more penetrating.

Ginger then lunged forward at something that I couldn't see at first. Then, they started to come into focus, there were probably 12 to 15 of them all about the size of Ginger. Ginger is a 50 pound Golden Retriever. They creatures that I saw were lacking a definite shape and also lack opacity. It was easy to sense that they were focused on Ginger and I. With the strong light from the full moon it was possible to see through them to the ground beneath where they were creeping carefully up to us, ready to attack. Simultaneously as if we were one being, Ginger lunged into one of the creatures and I kicked with all my might, it jumped clear of our offensive attack. Ginger and I then started running and hurdled a couple of these creatures and headed for the house.

As Ginger and I were scrambling to get into the house at about 2:40 A.M the phone was ringing.
Out of breath I answered the phone the person on the other end was Gan. Gan said" J, I have a problem and I need some help. I replied" What's the problem Gan?" Gan then notified me that he was stuck in the car in his driveway and he was surrounded by some sort of creatures and that he was afraid to get out of the car because they were lunging at the car as if to try and get to Gan. When I asked him what they looked like he described exactly what Ginger and I had just been confronted with in our alley.
There was no way to get to Gan's that evening, I had no transportation. But I did make it to his house the next day. The interior of Gan's car was torn and shredded in places. He was still in fear. The smell, that horrible odor was strong on Gan's property.

Oddly enough, Gan's neighbor was a clergyman and he had come over to assist Gan the morning of the incident. A few days later Gan's neighbor died. Following his death his house burnt down and there were a series of unfortunate events that happened to the clergyman's daughter.

It has been a while since I have heard from Gan. The last time I talked to him I was waiting for a top secret clearance to go through, and I kept the conversation very short incase my phone was being tapped. I did learn that Gan wound up being committed to a mental institution and did spend time in jail for the attempted murder of his wife. He caught her with several different lovers and was even suspicious of his own father. Over time, at least a part of his story panned out. He now has his child, Regan in his custody and they seem to be doing well.
Gan's wife has become a drug addict, consequently she has put herself in some very precarious situations. And Gan's family is still a part of his life, but still he's convinced they are evil. And still fears for Regan's welfare and safety.