Style or Class

Class, elegance in dress or behavior. Style, distinct and consistent characteristic.

As I ramble through life and come across people, places and things, I find those that have class and those that have style. And yes I do see a distinct difference in the two. The ones with class are bland and unexciting as a rule. Boring in a word. However those with style are usually anything but boring. As a matter of fact I find myself curious in an exciting way to see what I will experience next.

I have made choices in my life to be around people places and things that have style over class. Style seems more enjoyable to me. More real, more tangible, more interactive, more in the way of feeling the moment. And like I always say, “reality is not what we know or believe, rather what we feel.” So style creates a certain reality for me where class does not. I feel as if I should not touch anything with class for it may break easily. Class does not project a welcome feeling of involvement, rather it denotes a warning to stay away because it is fragile and weak.

So if I find style in something over class, I feel as if I am living it more. It is more appealing. It is more unforgettable, it makes a deeper impression on my psyche. Style changes me forever. Where class has no affect. It's just there, like left over food on a plate. But style is the plate and food when it comes from the kitchen. Decorated, garnished. Full of morsels beckoning you to experience, taste and try all that is in front of you. Style has texture, it has substance, it has life.

Different cultures have style and many cultures have little if any class. But the real treat of experiencing a culture is not in it's class, rather it is in it's style. More often than not when one tries to combine class and style they will inevitably make a train wreck of both style and class.

Style can support it's self without class, however class can not support it's self without style.