Those who represent us.

When we elect someone to represents us, that person elected should have the character of the very best person in the group he or she is representing, defending or negotiating for.  If not, then what right do they have to speak for anyone in that group who's character is better? They don't, and they can't and they shouldn't.  It seems to be common sense that if a negotiator has less in the way of standards, values, morals, integrity, or character than the people he or she is representing, then the representative will not be able to negotiate with the best interest of his total constituency in mind. The representative will only represent the principles of the peoples that are lesser in character than that of the representative. The constituency who has the higher principles and character will not be represented and will be cheated from fair representation. The whole constituency will suffer consequently, for they will be perceived to have the same or lesser moral character as their representative. And that will result in a failed negotiation when the negotiation is of principle or about virtue.

This is why it is so important to have honest and forthright representation in our elected officials. There is only one man running for the presidential office currently that owns the moral integrity to be this nations leader and negotiator. That man is Ron Paul.

Abraham Lincoln said, "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it".

We don't need better laws, we need better law makers. We need representatives that have the intestinal fortitude to wield the shield of virtue and the sword of truth selflessly. We don't need people that can't manage their drinking and drug habits, or people that can't manage their finances, we don't need people that beat their spouses, or can't keep a family together.. we don't need shoplifters or people that have been arrested for fraud or people that have done time for assault. We don't need people to represent us that do not have the best interest of the US in their hearts.  We don't need a circus of lazy people that are making a living from the special favors from special interest groups who could care less about us and our communities. We don't need people that take advantage of the system to represent us. We need people that will preserve the constitution. Simply, we just need good honest people who represent the good honest people in this country.  We need the best to accurately represent the best we have in this nation.

 Every day I see good law abiding people everywhere around us, we have no shortage of decent folks. We just need those people in office. I would go on to say that it is hard to find people that don't have compassion and empathy. But somehow of the ones that are the bad seeds, a great many of them are controlling our lives with little regard to the outcome of their decisions and with little or no accountability. We have to take the megalomaniacs, the criminals, the traitors and the spies out of control of our lives. And these greedy selfish individuals and groups need to relinquish their stranglehold on this nation. If we can't pry their grip off with a vote, then it's high time we started to apply some real force to loosen their grip.

There have been some good results from our protesting in the streets and on line. It is s good way to make others aware and to force change through awareness. But it also may be time to seriously look at our government problems through the same glass as our founders.